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Commune (not the god-botherey sort)

As part of my Masters in Landscape Architecture (was ‘let go’ from Landscape job after 8 weeks (I’m calling it a ‘2 month summer work experience placement’) so I ran back to uni with my tail between my legs) I’m looking at alternative forms of rural living: less; hideously over-sized palace with 8ft hedge and winding crunchy gravel drive, more; slick, zero carbon, IKEA catalogue cabin with communal vegetable patch and reed bed waste filtration system.

Part of the research for this right-on way of living has led me to communes in the form of a community that works the land and is mostly off-grid for electricity and water but are still allowed to watch DVDs and have a mobile and don’t pray to an alien overlord. Brithdir Mawr in Wales is a good example of a commune I’d actually quite like to live in, might be the after-Masters-black-hole-of-worthlessness plan…

The term ‘Eco Village’ reduces connotations to nudist colonies of cosmic beings but removes the aspect of social experimentation and people learning to live together as a community. However, Eco Villages seem more likely to be the future for the British; generally we’re a fairly unfriendly people, who delight in personal space.

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